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Travel transitions:  

When you decide to go to a location you are going to enter into  travel mode where a random event it's going to occur.


Depending in what kind of weapon you are using you are going to have different skills.

You can choose between a strong but straight forward weapon or a more weak but versatile weapon.


Instead of armor points you have damage reduction in this way all armors are useful in some way or another.

Some armors have better protection but are really heavy in this way you have to think what suits you best depending of your game style.

Metal armors are weak against Fire, Thunder and Blunt Damage. But almost immune against the slash of a sword or the stab of a spear.


You have to go into an Ancient Dungeon and defeat the Ancient Creatures.

The game it's a dungeon crawler and the history it's just an excuse like in  other  games of this kind.

Right now there's only two main dungeons and one side quest available. Obviously i'm going to expand this in the future with more Missions and Random Events.


Millennium Kingdom - IGMC.rar 31 MB

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